About Us

About Us

Project Description

Hambel Construction Contracting Services was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. The main areas of expertise are procurement and the management of superstructure, infrastructure, environmental cleaning, maintenance and repair, construction, innovation and renewal, machinery equipment and strengthening. Hambel Construction has been growing its success by achieving many projects for private and public worldwide organisations. With its dynamic and reliable hardworking staff, Hambel Construction has developed valuable experiences without sacrificing quality regardless of project dimensions by taking responsibility for human and nature and developing its foundations with solid business partnerships. Moreover, Hambel Construction continues to develop and supports social projects to perform with the aim of presenting useful and environmentally friendly projects and innovative structures to the future by diversifying its trend-pioneering activities with its hard-working structure in construction infrastructure technologies.


Growing our success to become a construction firm that achieves internationally accepted quality of works locally and internationally.


Gaining a mutual benefit from our initiatives with our stakeholders.


HUMAN Rely on honesty to keep discreet ways of commercial communication open. OCCUPATIONAL AND WORKER HEALTH SAFETY Acting as all of us not only us. ENVIRONMENT Trying best to give back more than it provides us. TECHNOLOGY Comprehending and applying the cutting-edge technology quickly. INNOVATION Developing and following innovations and generalising them by integrating in projects. AWARENESS Supporting social projects as for human and all other creatures’ benefits. INVESTMENT Investing in human is the most and foremost of our aim. PERSONNEL Providing a sense of ownership beyond paying for the labour and value all our personnel. POLITICS Always has a strong stance with all. ECONOMY To be able to do business under all kinds of economic conditions fearlessly. PRODUCTION Going forward in a disciplined way and ensuring efficient productivity. HISTORY Improving our experiences with the right judgment we have gained. PROFESSIONALISM Combining the knowledge of legislation with our knowledge. EDUCATION Determining the needs and provide training to support competencies. PARTNERSHIP Understanding the mutual benefits of all stakeholders and developing a partnership for collaboration.